Show 69 – Home Studio Essentials and Songwriting Tips

This week Jesse talks about home studio essentials and Ryan invites Dave Criddle from The Home Made Hit Show to talk about songwriting.

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2 thoughts on “Show 69 – Home Studio Essentials and Songwriting Tips

  1. this show was exactly what i needed right now–i have always wanted to write songs, even have a few unfinished on tape, but i just don’t quite know how to systematically go about writing. plus i run into that problem where it seems like it all sounds derivative. i’m 41 so you’d think i’d be over that petty crap by now. i’m sure i’m not the only one. anyway, Dave’s tips are perfect–writing for 10, the one minute song = awesome ideas. time to head over to The HMH Show…

  2. The thing I look for in a mic stand is does the main boom clamp tighten in the direction of the weight (i.e., large mic on shock mount). This ensures that the weight will tighten the mechanism and not loosen it, ensuring no sag. On the opposite style stands, the weight of the boom and mic can actually loosen the clamp. I see stands like that and the only way you can set it up is to tighten the boom clamp in the wrong direction. I won’t buy these. If you own some of these, you can try to take the boom out and reverse the direction. BTW, film grips always set up C-stands this way–with the weight on the clockwise directional side of the clamp, ensuring that the weight of the light or flag can not possibly loosen it.

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