Show 77 – Triton Audio BigAmp & FETHead review and using LiveCut

This week Ryan reviews the Triton Audio BigAmp and FETHead. Jon talks about using the free VST/AU plug-in LiveCut.

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Triton Audio BigAmp & FETHead

LiveCut – Free VST/AU Plug-in Mac/PC compatible

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2 thoughts on “Show 77 – Triton Audio BigAmp & FETHead review and using LiveCut

  1. I am a relative newcomer to the podcast so what I did was I downloaded every show & listened to them all in order over the span of a couple weeks while commuting or just when I had free time. One thing I am still waiting for a show about is do-it-yourself kit pres. Early on in the podcasts Ryan (if I remember correctly) really had an itch for building some preamp kits. Has this kit build ever came to fruition & if so, please do tell… and if not, please do tell why not? As far as preamps go, I have had a few big curiosities I’d hope that you fellas would cover… 1) The GoldenAge Pre 73 (covered in a past show, Thanks!), 2) Hearing about Ryan’s trials & tribulations of building a kit pre and 3) the crew’s views on the FetHead (of which I am a HUGE FAN!!! I don’t record with a ribbon anymore without a FEThead inline). For your info, the RODE D-Power Plug is noisy as hell! I mean reallllllllly noisy. Thanks for the great shows guys, keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for taking all that time to listen to our shows. That is a lot of material to cover in a short time!

      I still really want to build some DIY preamp kits, but I have not had a spare second to even attempt the project. It is on the back burner for a while right now. Check out show #14 where I interview Jeff Conner who built several DIY preamps.

      The Pre 73 is fantastic. I use it just about every day in the studio. That is the pre that I use to record my voice for the podcast since the review episode. I use it on most vocals, bass, electric guitars, and direct signals that need a little something extra. For the super clean signals, I would not recommend it. Something like the True Systems P-Solo would be a great choice there. That is next on my list. That is what Jon uses.

      I dig the FEThead. Adding some clean gain before the preamp is a welcomed addition where it is needed. I was very pleased with the Big Amp for instruments. I will likely get that one first. I heard from others that the RODE is really noisy from several sources directly after the show.

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