Show 87 – Get your drums in phase and making a dramatic trailer

This week Jon shows how to get your drum tracks in phase, and Ryan gets sick resulting in a more dramatic voice. He makes a trailer.

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10 thoughts on “Show 87 – Get your drums in phase and making a dramatic trailer

  1. Hi guys very good show, i like those kind of voice a lot and sometimes ppl ask me to get that kind of sound into their music.

    Theres a voice i i like above all its the one in this trailer :

    that’s Harrison Ford’s voice, but it isnt natural

    i can hear the compression and a bit of the proximity effect, but i feel like there is somethin more like distortion or bitcrusher.

    What do you think ?

  2. I also don’t think it’s Harrison Ford doing the VO. But proximity effect and a lot of compression are key to getting that sound. The trailer might be a little distorted because it was probably converted from a VHS for use on the web. Also when Blade Runner came out, the standard for audio in film was still stereo, and in most cases it was still mono. Theaters weren’t set up sometimes to even present the film in stereo, much less surround.

  3. That sounds more like Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone than anything! It also sounded like they were using some tubes in the signal chain. Maybe in the mic, pre, compressor, and EQ. Who knows? I am pretty sure that there are some tubes pushed hard in there somewhere.

  4. Thank you for explaining a complicated issue and making it easy to understand and implement. I never even thought of switching phase on overheads mics. It’s not something that I thought to ever ask or think was needed. I just applied it to a song I’m mixing and what a huge difference it made. I definitely need to listen for this more in the future. I really like the technique of going through one mic at a time for the drums.

    Great show and keep up the good work. You should make a facebook page!

  5. WOW..I keep listening to Jon’s examples, and it sounds SO GOOD when you check the phase. I wish we could just get people to understand how important it is to fully understand phase! The BASS difference is amazing, and really sounds full when corrected! Great show you guys!!

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