Show 92 – Avid HD Native and the new Mbox line

This week Ryan talks about the new Avid HD Native line and Jesse discusses the new Mbox line.

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Avid HD Native

Avid Mbox

11 thoughts on “Show 92 – Avid HD Native and the new Mbox line

  1. Great show guys! (HRS 092) I listen and learn regularly. A correction please, at 11:03 the statement “A 002 only has four line ins and 8 line outs” is incorrect. The DIGI 002 has 4 Mic pre inputs, and 8 analaogue line-level I/O’s and 8 lightpipe digital I/O. I got the Black Lion Audio mods to my 002 two years ago and it IS HD quality!. But I would love to run PTHD software with it.

    A loyal listener,

    Don “Studio Stud” McKinzie
    McMix Recording and Mixing Services
    RM Remote Recording Services

    • Correct. A lot of people don’t like to use those first 4 line inputs because they don’t bypass the mic amps. I assume BLA corrected that on yours?

  2. Don,

    I actually had a question about that when we were recording, but wasn’t sure. How do you like the Black Lion upgrade? I heard a friend’s system after the upgrade and was quite impressed. But then again, I had no problem with the 001 converters. They did the job, and the two mic pres included were ok by me. Thanks for listening.

  3. hey guys, good job as always – kinda random but I was wondering if there was any chance of another mix example happening again??? – really enjoyed the last one:)

  4. Great show guys. When I first saw the Native line I really didn’t see the need. After listening to the show I see it filling a gap. I’m not ready for HD, but it does give me a great option. Right now I’m buying the best preamps and mics I can get my hands on. Stuff I can use no matter what types of interfaces come out. I see the Native system as one I could just get the I/O interface, with no pres, and use the pres I’ve been building my studio on. Thanks for the insight.

    Ryan, it’s been two weeks that I’ve had my Sm7b and your were right, it just sounds good.

    • I am glad that the SM7 is working out for you. It is one of those mics that seems to get more useful the more that I use it.

      The HD setup that you are talking about is just about what I would do with it. One day I will have an analog console, but until then…

  5. Sorry guys, but I thought this was the HOME recording show…. bit elitist to be bagging the features on the new m-boxes that make it easier for newbies to be able to get a passable recording isn’t it?? Do the 3 of you drive automatic cars instead of cars with non-synchronous manual transmissions… what, you too lazy to learn how to drive properly?? C’mon – the m-boxes are aimed at the guitar centre buyer, who just wants to get a reasonable sounding recording down, not intern at Abbey Road before recording their garage band’s demo.
    Still, 92 shows & this is my 1st complaint – keep up the good work gentlemen!!

    • I agree and disagree. I can not speak for everyone, but for me I think that the mbox is great for what it is. I think that we were talking more to the fact that is was just rebranded with the Avid name to have a new look and features just to have a new release. There was not really that much new about it when it comes to the meat and potatoes of actual recording. The other side of it for me is that I love Pro Tools software, but I am not all to crazy about the hardware options. There are so many great interfaces that I would prefer to use. I think that is where much of my animosity toward the hardware comes from.

      By the way, my car is a manual transmission.

  6. Dal,

    I agree with Ryan. I do love the Mbox for what it is. It’s great for a songwriter or for someone who’s just getting into recording. It’s also great for hip-hop artists who just want to create beats and track their raps over them. I just have a problem with the grand release of a new product that just basically has a new case and logo on it. I wish I could use different interfaces with Pro Tools, but they don’t let that happen so I’ve got to do what’s right and works best for me.

    P.S. I too drive a car with a manual transmission, and it’s a 1968 Volkswagen Squareback with a non-synchronous transmission.

  7. Nice taste in cars Jesse – I used to race a Formula Vee with the same gearbox (went thru a few Vdubs too!!)

    Still stand by my point though – the mbox was bagged for allowing newbies to be able to record hotter!!

  8. I’ve been through a few VW’s in my life as well as a few Fords with 3 on the tree(talk about trouble shifting!)

    I respect your point, but I still have to stand by my fellow hosts. It’s not a good thing to record hotter in the digital world, and Avid making it an ok thing to do is just a bad idea and the wrong way to go. I’m still not in favor of Avid providing it on the “pro” systems.

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