Show 143 – Transient Shaping and more

In this episode we explore the wonders of transient shapers on tambourine and drums.
In Rapid Fire we answer: Analog Tape-Cool or not worth the effort; Music production starter kit on the cheap; portable recorders-are the onboard mics actually usable?
Joining us this week is Randy Coppinger

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Stillwell Transient Monster
Flux BitterSweet
SPL Transient Designer 2 Hardware
SPL Transient Designer Software
SPL Microplugs software splits the Transient designer into 3 specialized tools, Attacker, Mo-Verb, and De-Verb
SPL Transient Designer software for UAD platform
Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator

7 thoughts on “Show 143 – Transient Shaping and more

  1. Great show and topic, Jon, I love Stillwell Transient Monster, being a true novice I love hearing a noticeable effect while “playing with two knobs”. Also, I find the onboard mics on my Zoom H4n to be decent in a pinch.

  2. Hi guys!
    Fantastic show !
    Many thanks for the great segment on transient designer. Never thought of using such a plugin as a creative tool. Since last week i use it on my Hohner D6 Samples and on my Rhodes and it works really fine.

  3. Hey guys, awesome segment on transient shaping! I used it on a practice mix recently and it made all the difference! Speaking of practice mixes, not sure if you have mentioned these on the show, but there are several great sites that offer raw tracks for download. I generally go to Mixing Secrets for the Home Studio ( and recently I’ve been having fun at Shaking Through ( which is a great project that deserves support, if you don’t mind giving a shout out.

    Any chance of another mix experiment in the near future?

  4. I suck at lead guitar. Therefore, For a demo, I often reach for a kazoo to demonstrate how I think a real player might play a noodle. I’d like to disguise it so the guitarist can stop laughing sooner and get down to working out the part. So, do you guys have any suggestions on how I might record a kazoo so it’s not so hoaky and maybe a little bad ass?

  5. Great show as usual guys. I had always heard of transient designers but had never gotten around to looking into them. Thanks to this episode I now know what they do and WOW was that cool! I can’t wait to try out some transient designers in my next mix. It seems like you can almost accomplish very similar results by tweaking your attack/release/knee settings on a compressor. However, yes, the compressor waits for sound to hit it’s threshold. Whereas transient designers sound like they really respond to any, well, transients in the wav form regardless of how loud it is. Cool stuff! Always great to hear Randy on the show too.

    Thanks guys!

  6. just a small note. it was said on the show that Flux BitterSweet is only for attack. That’s not really accurate. Think of it as a balance between sustain and attack: turn the knob left for more sustain/less attack or turn it right for more attack/less sustain.

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