Show 161 – Valhalla Ubermod review and interview

This week Jon reviews Valhalla Ubermod plugin and we chat with the creator Sean Costello.

Valhalla UberMod

Our guest this week is Sean Costello from ValhallaDSP.

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14 thoughts on “Show 161 – Valhalla Ubermod review and interview

  1. Great show as always, gentlemen. Sean is one of my favorite guests so far. The Silence of the Lambs stuff cracked me up!

    Here’s a call-out to the listeners who have listened to all of the shows: I think it’s time for a HRS wiki. Remember the show number where Jon talked about distortion plugins? Me neither. The titles in the archive section are helpful, but with over 160 shows I think we need something a little more comprehensive. Who’s with me?

    RtCL (Ride the Chicken Lightning),

  2. Hey Guys, great show, I’ve learned a ton from listening! However I do have a question, I use a Saffire Pro 40 along with a GNX4 to record my guitar/vocals. Whenever you talk on the show you always speak to recording sounds from amps using various microphones. When I record I usually just plug into the effects pedal, then into the interface to track; rarely using my amps. Anything wrong with that? I just find it faster, cleaner and it seems to get the job done. Thanks for the time, looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

  3. I think the examples in this show are Awesome! Thanks again Jon… The dimension D sounds awesome, but I was excited by the Tape example after the Dim D…MAN another plugin everyone has to get! JOE

  4. Awesome show! Have to check out these Valhalla plug-ins and compare them to Waves’ equivalents, since I have a coupon for waves plugins and am debating whether or not they’re worth the money (even at a discounted rate).

    I had a debate with a friend of mine about different EQs sounding different. I know plug-ins modeled after channel strips allegedly sound like their analog kin (SSL, Neve, etc) but do EQs from Izotope, Waves, etc really sound better than stock DAW EQs? What in their programming and algorithms make one EQ better than another? I know at the end of the day HOW you record something going in makes more of a difference than what EQ you use but it’s something I’d like to know more about.


  5. Great show as always guys! I really dig the DIY topics. I wish I had a little more time and space to get back into DIY. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy playing, recording, and producing. I guess that’s a good thing right?!

    I wanted to share a little something with the HRS listeners. Soundtoys are giving away a free plugin right now. The offer will be over before the next show comes out, so this is only relevant to us comment readers. Anyway, SoundToys is running a contest where they are giving away a plugin that’s supposed to emulate the Altec 1566A tube mic preamp. I’ve never heard it so I can’t compare, but the plugin sounds pretty cool. I can never have enough saturation plugins! Here’s a link and my share code:

    Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing this here.


  6. Whoa, total mind screw…… I only follow two podcasts religiously. Obviously first is HRS, the other is JRE. Being in my sound engineer mindset and hearing Ryan talk about Ayahuasca totally just gave me a psychedelic brain freeze like if you ate a frozen mushroom, not that I would know.

    Still lovin’ what y’all are doin’. Been blowin’ up amazon, through HRS of course.

    Ride the mushroom down the rabbit hole, I’m sure there’ll be a lightning chicken waitin’ for ya.

  7. Hey guys, I now WANT Ubermod. Thanks! As if it isn’t hard enough fighting off G.A.S!

    I’ve been listening since around episode 50, and although I don’t comment often, I do feel that I deserve the diploma/certificate too! lol!

    That said, I’m hoping you’ll give this a shout out. I know that around episode 138 there was mention in the comments of having you guys do some more genre specific content, specifically for Metal. For the listeners who want that, I have a show for them. The Metal Shop Podcast aims to teach rock and metal studio production techniques. The show ran from 2007-2010 before going into podfade (life happens, just look at PSN…..Hi Big Al!), but it was just reset at Episode 1 and re-launched today. We plan to keep at it this time.

    Anyway, since I don’t write often, I just wanna say thanks to HRS for giving loads of great information over the years. I’ve loved every episode, some more than others, but they are all full of useful info and I’ve learned a great deal.

    Keep up the good work.

    Brandon S. Hire
    The Metal Shop Podcast

  8. Great show as usual but I have a request that’s unrelated. Could you get the guys from Drugstore Fanatics on the show? They are recording their second album and they do the recording at home with great results. I think they’d be interested because they’re very open about their recording process.

  9. Hey Jon, I think you had a little bromance going there. I know you love his plug-ins, but you were gushing a little. J/K

    I know Ryan had asked Sean how you start making a DSP plug-in, which made me wonder about that as well. I have not tried this as I think I am too dumb to figure it out…however this looked like something I might waste some time with in the future:

    Shows you have to make a couple DSP plugins. I would think you could mess with the code after that and screw it up all sorts of ways.

    I am having a serious wave of G.A.S….in the last two weeks I bought a Mackie firewire mixer, Presonus Faderport, one of those Berringer cable testers, and a YouRock midi guitar (which is probably a glorified toy, but I couldn’t stop!) When everything you own can perform 1000 functions, it becomes overwhelming trying to learn one new piece of gear thoroughly enough to justify the purchase. Which begs the question, are you guys read the manual folks or just poke around and figure stuff out folks?

    One more question, I feel like there is so much more I could be doing with midi. I feel stupid in this area from how to get my Stephen Slate drums to load in Sonar, drum mapping, ACT control surfaces. What is a good resource to start me off like I am a 3 year old and step me up from there?

    Thanks, I enjoy the show each week. Donating a dollar for saying Jon was gushing.

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