Show 166 – IOS Music Making and more

This week we talk about making music on iPhones and iPads in the studio and on the go.

Joining us for discussion this week is Dan Comerchero from Audiofile Engineering and Obi Marroquin from IK Multimedia.

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16 thoughts on “Show 166 – IOS Music Making and more

  1. TFAGS

    Im rocking an android so the jealousometer was peaking with this show. There are a couple cool appz on the android platform, but i have only used them as toys and never tried to do anything more than capture an idea. I have used a multi track program made by jaytronix ( ) i bought an old version of the program and the new version has all kinda cool stuff like audio fx but my version has never updated. I haven’t had the sync issue but i have heard of it. This program seems like it may have fixed it but not sure as i haven’t been able to use the newest version. Ive also played with a drum sequence called electrum and it was kinda cool.

    Technology is awesome… at least until skynet become self aware

    Ride the chicken.

  2. FAGS, T!

    Thanks for the input on 166’s comments about the 5/8 drywall and double layering it. I had just come across that info an hour earlier, and you verified that. The contractor is a very nice dude, the building is family owned and he wants to help the businesses in them succeed. So he’s actually done his own research into what to do, and given me some advice. He got word that he should build a double wall, with drywall inbetween, but I got two sources saying double layering the 5/8 will do the trick. So I’ll be in touch with him. There are pics on my instagram, and will be more as the development continues.

    Jon, thanks for following my instagram feed. And I’ll take personal responsibility for converting you to the iPhone dark side! Muwhahahahahahaaaaaaaa! Good episode on iOS by the way. I accidentally paid $15 when I first got my iphone for Nanostudio, and I’m glad I did. It’s an awesome midi sequencer, and I’m writing hip hop beats and synth based rock tracks on it. Garageband for iPad is also a great scratch pad. Even though it could be used for more than that, I’ve yet to use it for much more than that.

    The Metal Shop #3 is out. Would love to have one of you guys on the show sometime.

    Flog the Turkey.

  3. Ryan, not a fan of Chorus Pedals? Dude, the Electroharmonix Small Clone and Polychorus were used by Kurt Cobain to get lush chorus effects or hellish modulated warbles. Those were AWESOME pedals!

  4. Hey Guys,

    Awesome show. I know that you guys are not huge fans of amp simulators… But for apartment dwellers such as myself, they’re a pretty convenient way to get overdriven (“loud”) tones without disturbing Mrs. Piven’s noontime nappy.

    The thing I struggled with regarding amp sim software is that I always find that, even with the lowest latency, there is still a subtle delay between what I’m playing and the effected signal.

    The trick I use now, is to do the initial tracking through my Line 6 Pod Pro XT, which allows me to record both the effected and the clean signal. That way I can always make alterations to the tone later, but I have a sense of what the overdrive, sustain, etc is doing as I’m playing live.

    Ride the lighting through the chicken and back out again with minimal latency and compression artifacts. TFAGS!

  5. Great show, Jon, one of the first iPhone apps I bought 2years ago was touch OSC and until recently was never able to get it to work on the daw end. Reaper now has native OSC support and it works like a charm, a definite must have. Another nice App is Alexander Gross’ MusicStudio, which is a full featured DAW that I think is better than GarageBand. Regarding Andriod device, my understanding is that they can’t do multitrack syncing so will probably never complete with ios as a mobile music platform . BTW loving Tabletop.

  6. Great Show…BUT I have to make a comment…growing up, my parents made me learn to play Cello..of all the instruments…I know GEEZ it sucked…But I learned a lot from it…Now I am older, and I am building all this analog equipment for recording…I have realized that the old way of doing things still sounds better and still proves better in a performance setting…I will never let my kids practice on an ipad or an iphone…They will continue to play, carry, transport, and tune= THE REAL THING= which will always be a real physical instrument- The first time I saw someone playing music off an ipad..I lost it and started laughing at them… its just lame…The recording aspect and song process is cool…but its no instrument

    Guys..I think the chicken has been ridden into the ground…give it up.. JOE MARSH

  7. Hi guys, great show as ever. First, thanks to Jon for the suggestion to mic a monitor when using an amp sim and blend the two. I don’t know why I never though of doing this. I just renovated my Sessionmaster JD10 amp sim (Used by Jerry Donahue and I think in the US was made by Morley) and when I tested it I recorded the monitor too, and wow, big difference being able to blend a little real air in there. Sounds a mile better then the Pod. Second, a great iPad synth is the Korg iMS20 which is such an accurate reproduction of a REAL MS20 I downloaded an MS20 manual and it matched the iPad app exactly! The tiny little on screen keyboard is a bit limitation though. I believe you can plug in a midi keyboard but I’ve yet to try it. Keep up the great work.

  8. Hey guys,
    For the last couple of weeks, i’ve been mixing 3 songs for an e.p. and i decided to take a week away from it to get a fresh perspective since i’d listened to the songs so much. Last night, I was on my way back from the Beale Street Music Fest here in Memphis, and decided it would be a good time to listen to my songs again, since i had just heard some pretty awesome live music (My Morning Jacket, Megadeth, Johnny Winter and others) and i wanted to see how my stuff compared. Listening to the first song, i couldn’t believe how muddy the mix was. It didn’t sound like i’d remembered it at all. It sounded like garbage (not the band). I started wondering how i could have overlooked such glaring problems. It was like the entire midrange from 1k-10k was jacked up about 12dB. About midway through the second song, i was pretty sure it was my ears that were the problem. I had been listening to really loud music for several hours and suspected that was the reason for what i was hearing. I went back and listened to the mixes today and they sounded pretty much the way i remembered them from a week ago. Many of you may be saying “Duh” right about now. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but I’ve been recording and mixing music for years, including live shows, but i’ve never really noticed how much ear fatigue effects your pespective of various frequencies until i listened to these tracks that i know inside and out. I bet i messed up alot of mixes by trying to mix right after a really loud live session or by monitoring too loud. My advice is not to try and mix anything that requires critical listening until your ears have had time to rest because what you’re hearing may not accurately represent what’s actually there. I hope that bonehead moment of mine can can be of help someone else.

    Ride the bus


  9. SO EXCITED, Just ordered my 3rd!! Yes, i will now have 3 of em! The BEST, most Amazing, fun, and easy to use, You have heard it on EVERY hit ablum in the last 15 yrs, !!AKG D112!!!! YEAH!!! You guys should learn this Mic! It really is an awesome mic…. Toms, Bass cabs , Kick, It really fits the bill..!! LOVE it, Embrace it, But NEVER EVER Ride the Chicken naked… 🙂

  10. Guys,

    I’m a newbie but I’ve been really digging this podcast.

    I’m currently moving my home studio to a bigger location in order to record drums and full bands. My question is: I have a 16ch XLR stage snake that I want to use to send my mic lines to my 1/4in TRS patchbay. Do I need adapters? Could I re wire it? Is this a good idea? 🙂
    Also, any tips on sending a guitar signal from control room to amp and signal from amp head to cab in the live room would be helpful.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    And I think I’m supposed to add something about riding on a chicken here……. Haha

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