Show 230 – Glass Wands Silverleaf deconstructed with Chase Pagan

This week we have a great guest segment from Chase Pagan taking us through the song Silverleaf by Glass Wands. After the segment Jon talks about mastering the Glass Wands album.

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16 thoughts on “Show 230 – Glass Wands Silverleaf deconstructed with Chase Pagan

  1. This isn’t directrally related to you’re current episodes (I’m still catching up) but for fucks sake does every label have to make every drum set sound the same? Currently I’m listening to Joe Walsh’s latest album and every track sounds pretty similar to a mix of midi kits or something from the latest pop moulding (have they moved on from Beiber?)….. I really dont think it sequenced but there seems to be so much quantising and sample replacement that it just sounds fake, and from a fairly vintage artist….

    Either way you’re pod-cast is great, I may be over 100 shows behind and counting but you guys inspire me to record more audio. When I get some spare cash (I’m a musician in Australia, ok?) I will donate.

    Thanks for the effort,

  2. Hi guys… This episode does not show up in my iTunes feed (neither on my computer nor my phone). Just a little heads up – looking forward to listening!


  3. GSAA,

    Listening to the Ingram track I had no idea it was that dense. Great segment for understanding how to put several voices in and not step all over each other.

    Try blending a midi chicken with real chickens for rich chickeness

  4. I loved the track this week. Reminiscent of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ soundtrack stuff. I’d love to hear the rest of the album. I have slightly OD’d on this type of post-rock, but for this I’ll make an exception.

  5. Hey there, great show! I just stumbled over you guys because you were mentioned in an episode of Composer Quest. I work for the USPS sorting mail so I tend to run out of material to listen to rather quickly. Thank you for having so many episodes that I need to catch up on!

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