Show 239 – Interview with Ryan Bruce

This week Jon chats with Ryan Bruce (Fluff) about youtube gear reviews, guitars, Logic and Reaper and more!

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17 thoughts on “Show 239 – Interview with Ryan Bruce

  1. I was familiar with Ryan Bruce on YouTube but I seriously had no idea how big he was. For some reason I never check how many followers a person has on YouTube because for me it’s just irrelevant. It’s the content they put out that I pay attention to most. Is it just me or does he sound like the nicest guy in the world and wish he was my best friend?
    Also, I refuse to ever read YouTube comments because people are so incredibly fucking cruel, harsh, and moronic. Jon & Ryan, I hope you guys could maybe let Ryan Bruce do some episodes here on the podcast.
    I can ever express enough of how much I love this podcast. Ryan is so busy with his work and raising a family but he still tries his best to make it on the episodes, and for that I am seriously forever grateful. I sometimes wonder if Jon has ever raised his voice or screemed at somebody. If he ever met me, we are so polar opposites he probably would want to rip out my vocal chords.. Ha!!

    • In my perception, Jon is unlikely to scream at anybody. He would, however, sarcasm somebody to death if he felt the need….

  2. Hey guys ive been รถistening to your show the last few months its really great ive learnt alot especially the tipp about travelling blankets ๐Ÿ™‚ my cellar abteilung is covered in blankets ๐Ÿ™‚ soon ill send you guys a picture of my funny 1 man studio . I havent always listened to the archives in time order so i dont know when the chicken came . I have a question. I have two rokkits montior g 3 5 inch or so. They seem to work fine, but sometimes when i make a loop in ableton of part of m arrangement te speakers suddenly go prachshrhshchsgenyg and make a hug explosion sound and it hurts my ears, the levels on the rme baby face thing also go crazy when it does this…its no problem otherwise only when im looping parts of songs, which i need to do alot to make decision on effects etc… Do you guys have any clues about what may be causing this terrible dilema? Thank ypu both so much for making tis show, i love it, youre funny hosts, can we now buy from and ypu guys get a piece? Reit das Huhn! Piece and love, benny

    • It happened with headphones too! My ears nearly bleeding, i think it has something to do wit this korg plug in

  3. Tomorrow i will try reinstall the baby face drivers as it was happening also on a track without the korg plug in, but now not jusz when i loop but also just click back to sonewhere on the arrangement, its a very bad problem . I just moved my computer from my apartment to the cellar which is net to the wash room and has only one outlet in which i plug a big board could power conditioning be a lack?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s an effect of the loop itself.

      Try setting up a loop around a single part, but with some space around the pard where there is no audio region/no audio playing.

      loop star – section without audio – section with audio – section without audio – loop end.

      Does that solve the problem?

      My guess: It’s like when you make an edit; if there is no crossfade, there will be a click at that point.

      • Hmm but its not a click, more like an explosiom, a blast of white noise sometime for up to one minute and so,etimes followed by echoing laser sounds…:(… Today i bought a power filter and i am reinstalling live into its own hd parttion along with all the file it will need… As for the effect, the only plug in effects im using in section with the terrible problem is decapitator

        • Wow, OK, didn’t understand that.

          That definitely sounds like a problem with the software. Have you tried without any plugins AT ALL – in the complete session?

  4. I am a little dismayed (well disgusted) by this podcast. You guys have always been professional IMHO you have always given great advice. Your shows lately just suck and are uninteresting, not nearly as good as they used to be. But, whatever its your show. Rock on.
    But what bothered me, was that you took a guitar hack, basically nothing but a you tube reviewer sales guy and gave him a forum to bash john petrucci. I don’t care if you like petrucci or not. But to say that he isn’t all that he is cracked up to be is just straight up uneducated and offensive. JP is a major success in our world. He has successful albums, tours, gear, and by far one of the best guitars i have ever owned of played. For a hack of a guitar player to bash him on a national forum did not raise your show to any professional level. It was wrong.
    I ask you this. If somebody asked you if you liked Paganinnis 5th caprice or any other older classical violin shred music. MOST if not all people say yes. If you ask that about a guitar player, oh well shred sucks, Said by most people who haven’t the talent or understanding to play it.
    I agree the buzz saw shred stuff is old and boring and lame but JP is not just a shred guy and its just uneducated at best to lump him into a youtube 13 yo shred loser category.. Really disappointed guys.. pick better guest.. The people that goto see this hack, are not their to see him they are their to see the gear. Lame

    • Hey scram , everyone can have a different opinion even if its dumb, and jon and ryan make a show all abput home recording and music pod casts etc. Amd this ryan bruce guy is a video pod cast in the similar scene to them, doesnt matter of you think he sucks, that ypur opinion just like it his opinion that jp sucks…every person sucks in at least one other persons opinion

  5. This one’s for Jon:
    So you went to Focals and crushed my dreams that HS50s are all I need!
    I’ve had mine since 2005 and they’ve been great. I recently scored an Apogee Quartet and was looking to add a set of Focal CMS40s and a single Behritone (I know, I know) to check my mixes against. Good idea?
    I have a small setup in my bedroom so the 4inch Focals are both cheap and suited better to my room size.

    As for your Focals, is it worth the step to ‘sweetness’ from that mid-forward HS50 sound – how has it changed your mix flow?
    Are you still referencing the HS50s?
    Will you integrate your HS sub with the Focals?

    Sorry for barrage! Thanks for the excellent ‘Ask HRS’ shows and recent interviews ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Late to the party here… I have crossed paths occasionally with Jon on the recordingreview forum, but for some reason never came across HRS until around 6 months ago. Nevertheless, I’ve duly listened to all the episodes in that time (Ryan kept telling me to, after all!) – top job gentlemen!

    I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this last episode as much as I did, but Ryan & Jon’s conversation was much wider ranging than just heavy guitar tones – I was particularly impressed with Jon’s comments about amp sims being designed to work in the context of a recording rather than replicate a “real” guitar amp. This is the very same epiphany I came to a while ago, & it has revolutionized my approach to recording & mixing.

    As a recent “Reaper refugee”, I enjoyed the discussion about Reaper too. I just finished my first paying mix with it after many years with Sonar, & I couldn’t be happier. Even with a monster computer, cpu consumption & efficient coding become very important when your mixes are starting to push 60 or 70 tracks, multiple sub-groups & buses, & most with multiple plugins, console & tape emulation.

    At that point, the differences between Sonar X3 & Reaper are night & day. About the only thing I really miss about Sonar is the ability to run Melodyne via ARA integration.

    So, a BIG thanks for talking up Reaper!

    … Oh… & my contribution to “Guitar Face”?
    My I present: The inimitable Gary Moore! (on of my all time favorite guitarists too)

  7. Hey, guys! I love this show. Went all the way back to show #1, and now I’m all caught up. Still sending out diplomas? If so, put me on the list!

    Keep up the good work. I’ve learned a TON from HRS.

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